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drama psychotherapy

This methodology acknowledges leading psychoanalytic, dramatherapeutic and neuroscientific thinking: Winnicott, Orbach and Bowlby on attachment-based interventions; Jennings’ EPR developmental dramatherapy model ; Bryan Lask on the neuroscience of eating disorders (2007, etc.); Judith Edwards on creativity and the depressive position (J. Child Psychotherapy Vol 31 No. 3 2005).

We start with safe, agreed boundaries. Drama psychotherapy offers a psychodynamic approach, safe distancing, and non-verbal, symbolic drama, storymaking, movement, artwork. Over time clients can be helped to begin to think about, and to come through, painful feelings, and to go forward with a lighter step, their confidence and resilience increased.

Dramatherapy’s creative, metaphorical approach enriches and adds
an important dynamic and structure to talking therapies.

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