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getting help

"How many sessions will help me?" you ask.

Psychotherapy isn’t a quick-fix. It isn’t dieting, and it isn’t cosmetic.
It is a process which takes time, which needs to be respected. 4 assessment sessions usually are followed by 12-weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Sometimes that time is a good enough start. It may be enough. Between 20 – 30 sessions and upwards may be more our target
if you have had your eating difficulties for a long time.

There is no obligation to accept more sessions, but an awareness of the importance of endings will be an important focus. The sessions provide space for the opportunity to think safely and metaphorically together about your difficulties and your hopes.

I may recommend that you contact your GP first, if that would be the best next step for you.

Referrals are invited from charities, CAMHS, NHS, Schools,
Therapeutic Communities, CJS, Social Services, etc.

Fees: £40 - £80 per session

Practices in:
Newbury, West Berkshire

Tel: 01635 292434

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