stop telling me to eat

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a more creative approach...

Do people who care about you notice you aren’t eating and
try to encourage you, against your will, to eat more?

Or would you like to stop your urge to binge?

We can get into unhelpful habits around food, starving or bingeing ourselves in the belief that if only our body was ‘perfect’ then life would be wonderful…

As humans we communicate our feelings not only with words but with our behaviour. What do your eating difficulties mean for you? Would you like help?

It’s important to give ourselves time to find out about our feelings, even though it can feel scary. We can otherwise sometimes remain in a ‘vicious circle’ of binge eating, or starving,
feeling low and confused about ourselves.

Give yourself permission to seek professional help.


Lauraine Leigh Klugman works in accordance with The British Association of Dramatherapists Code of Practice (
Privacy terms regarding her collection, use and storage of data are available to clients.

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